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About the NPPC

National Pigeon & Pest Control was established in 1979 with two goals: to offer its shooting members woodpigeon and corvid decoying over Autumn/Spring grown crops during the Winter, Spring and Summer months, and thereby to maintain a reliable, continuous crop protection service to our farmers which is second to none.

We are now a UK leader in self-guided woodpigeon hunting and provide prime locations throughout the Midlands, N.E. Midlands and Northern England.

Areas currently available include Northamptonshire, Leicestershire, Staffordshire, Derbyshire, Lincolnshire, North, South and East Yorkshire, Durham and Cleveland.

Each year, due mainly to crop rotation, different sites become available and, using the ordnance survey Landranger series of maps, grid references are produced for each field location. These, along with other essential information, comprise the comprehensive Area Field List which is sent to all members each year.

From these lists, members may make a choice of where they would like to shoot on a particular day and a booking can be made any weekday evening to secure a venue for any day during the forthcoming week. On the day at a chosen location it is simply a matter of adhering to our Rules and Procedure to hopefully enjoy a worthwhile day out for all concerned.

Woodpigeon decoying requires the skilled placement of decoys to bring the birds into range of either shotgun or air rifle. The shooting of bird pest species in this way is a legal activity subject to the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and the terms of The Open General Licence, which is renewed annually and currently administered by Natural England (previously by DEFRA).

As all experienced shooters know, not every outing will live up to individual expectations; there will be days when conditions seem perfect and you have done everything by the book, yet the birds still refuse to be decoyed. You must be patient and learn from such a day: it'll make you realise just how good pigeon shooting can be when things DO go to plan.

Good Hunting!

We are pleased to be endorsed by Shooting Times, Sporting Gun, Farmers' Weekly and Sporting Shooter magazines, and recognised by Police Authorities and the NFU. NPPC recommends the BASC Woodpigeon Shooting Code of Practice.

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